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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Although it is great for the price....I waited to review this after a few months and many many recording tests. It is tight and clean sounding which is good, but it does sound just a nuthair digital, and sucks a little tone outta my amp? Just a little. I have found the best setting for me is the low/high at 11:00 and get a nice recorded Lamb of God type tone. Sounds good!


Built really sturdy! I heard it eats batteries, but I use a 9v adapter.

General Comments

For the price, it is a 10, but for sound an 8.7

I bought a Maxon OD808 at the same time and compared the 2. The maxon made my head sing....The playability was awesome, but added some grainy sounds. Cool too. I returned the Maxon cause the recordings I did were so similar and not worth the $90 price difference....but the Maxon sounded more organic...it did! I liked both, and The Bad mokey is nice cause I can eq some of the highs and lows out. For $30 it is awesome and only slightly different than the spendy guys. I do like the Maxon better, but it wasn't worth it for me? I wish I had both, but oh well...Bad is Bad! haha

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