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Sound Quality

name your sound, & go for it very flexible depending on how you set your drives for either channel you can have dickey betts sweetness, total grunge, santana, rockabilly, the list goes on & on i prefer the southern rock tone for myself like i said, the only way the clean channel distorts is if you want it to the boost works on both channels normally you don't have boosts on clean channels, but this is not a normal amp it's abnormal in the good way with this amp, have fun trying different pickups for output variety, or just adjust the height of them for different tones you'll find one tone, & 10 days later you'll find another & both will entice you it's amazing i use lp's primarily, but have soapbars too a strat gets a great tone clean or blasting for slide, my lp sings on his F or L lead sound on the 2nd channel the amp accepts pedals well the reverb is on the spot the lp's are thick the way i like it, & the soapbars get raspy when i dig in you would have to really screw up the amp to get noise his speaker is an eminence--not sure which one but it covers all the bases i love this amp thru jbl's the M channel is his marshall sound more marshall than marshall ever was saw a guy at eric's booth at the columbus guitar show playing an lp thru the estoc demo model he had there playing old kiss stuff this guy was very good & the tone he had was ace sounded like the 1st alive album it's amazing how loud this amp can get--clean it puts out around 60 watts--dirty it goes 90--but sounds bigger because of how full it is as for the cabinet, he builds several varieties to suit the tone you are looking for he has 1-12's to 4-12's he also has the amp in a head if you want


gig wise, i have more power than needed & have gigged without backup no tubes to worry about-- it's solid state, but of an exotic variety don't let the no tube thing spook you this amp is made to sound like tube & does--without the heat & the other stuff that goes with tubes i'm not knocking tubes, but after using tubes for 19 years, this amp can smoke with them, & i have less maintenance


General Comments

i've played for 25 years & have had the amp for 3 i would get another if something happened to it--this amp is too easy the amp is too cool, you can't hate it the amp delivers just set up your sound & play eric designed the prs amps back in the late 80's-early 90's they had a ton of power for 70 watt amps & sounded great check their prices if you do see one on ebay, which is rare, or even in any guitar shop--people have them--they just don't sell them unless you pay dearly but the estoc is a huge improvement due to eric's curiosity to build a very toneful amp--he's nailed it

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