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Sound Quality

I use an Ibanez RG with DiMarzio Evolution humbuckers with a Boss Metal Zone, Snarling Dogs Whine-O-Wah and a Rocktron Tsunami Chorus, with a Rocktron HUSH rackmount, and, due to a totalled Marshall, I am currently putting it into a Kustom practise amp. I have a couple of other distortions, a DOD Grind and a Boss OD-3 Overdrive, but the Metal Zone is my main one. This is certainly a worthy piece of equipment and I use it to boost my leads. My style is Goth/Doom metal with a touch of thrash and grunge, and this is great for turning heavy, scooped rhythms into dark, intense leads. I have the bass on this and the Metal Zone maxed and, at lower volumes, it will make the speaker in my amp thud. Cool. It sounds absolutely great with a good amps OD, like the Laney combo that I have my eye on. I wouldn't say this is a noisy pedal, but due to the volume increase, it will add to the noise from distortion, etc. If you use a pedal or single-channel amp as your main source of gain, I would say this is almost vital for lead boosting. Silent FET switching means that the pedal won't make that annoying *click* that lesser pedals do when engaged.


BOSS! Replace the battery before a gig though, just to be safe.

General Comments

Well, it's obviously not perfect, nothing is, but for a lead booster, or, as some of the other reviewers have said, for 'heavying up' rhythm lines, it comes fairly close. I would say that if you use a pedal which has a sole tone control, like a Boss DS-1, it can be damn near essential, giving you much greater control over your tone. If you want silent running, though, I would advise investing in a noise gate.

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