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Sound Quality

This is one incredible sounding guitar. I have about eight teles and this is easily the best sounding of the bunch. Dave Stephens has sound clips of these pickups on his website, and the reason I went with them. I've tried a lot of pickups and think Dave makes the best. I'm glad James went with the 4 way switch. I honestly can't pick a favorite position - they are all different and each one sounds fantastic.


Solid body T-style - should last several lifetimes.

General Comments

Absolutely a 10. Perfect fit and finish as you would expect from a master guitar builder. The neck pocket is tight, frets are filed just right, and action is right where I like it.  I've been on a relic kick for awhile and my wife is excited to have a work of art in the living room now instead of a beat up looking guitar. I'm thrilled with what James built for me and would commission another one just like it from him in a split second if it were ever lost or stolen

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