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Sound Quality

I have quite an assortment of guitars, with a preference for Strats. Recently I acquired a new Gibson Studio from a web dealer, and while it sounds great, I find it uncomfortable to play (baseball bat neck and heavy comes to mind). I was surfing for something along the lines of a 335 and found the Ronson website. I called and talked to Mark, the owner/builder, and just had a real good feeling about this guitar. After playing it for over a month now, I can honestly say it is the nicest guitar I have ever played.

The sound, at least comparing to what I own, owned, or have played, can be high end Gibson like, or hot Fender strat like (the latter surprised me). I thought the Burstbuckers were great until I heard these pickups. The sustain on this guitar is absolutely incredible. I use primarily Fender and Roland board amps, but I've got to get a tube amp for this guitar. I find I usually keep the amps on the clean or acoustic settings, simply because it sounds great stand alone. Too much on the special effects ends up being overkill. Small moves on the tone knobs make all kinds of new and wonderful sounds. I'm partial to blues and classic rock, and this guitar handles both perfectly.

Update - okay it's been 3 years since I wrote this review, have some tube amps now that this guitar sounds just incredible with, and it's still my favorite. Another Ronson build I have now is a very close second though.


I'm just an amateur home musician so I can't really comment on gigging with this instrument. My only reservation (albeit a small one and probably off base) is a tendency to be a little more careful handling this guitar than most of my others ones. That basically means I don't just lay it around, and the kids can't touch it. That applies to my wife's 62 RI Strat as well though - ha.

General Comments

If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about the Blues Boy. Aside from the sound, my next favorite thing about the guitar is the neck. It seemed a little wide as a first impression, and that was one thing I definitely didn't want (I've got pretty small hands). But I found out by playing it a lot that this neck is really comfortable, and my wrists don't get tired at all. You start pushing 50 you have to think about these things.  After a bit of a break I'm resuming my guitar playing hobby, and have collected a few guitars to play with (Fender, Gibson, Martin, and Schecter being the better ones). I was looking for something a little more unique, a nice sounding & nice looking guitar that wouldn't just sit in the case, and I definitely found it. I would buy another Blues Boy in a heart beat, just like this one, except maybe with different color burst just for fun. I liked this guitar so much that I ordered a Ronson Duece model can't wait to try it out!

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