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Vaughn Skow-B-_6Z

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I¿ve had the Bad Monkey for about three months and used it on quite a number of gigs and rehearsals. It has far exceeded my expectations in every imaginable way. Right out of the box it sounds as good as (or better than) my modded TS-9, TS-7 and TS-808 tube screamers ¿ REALLY! It actually has MORE of a pronounced upper mid boost (I¿d say around 1.5 KHz) than the tube screamers do. I like that, but if you don¿t, you can easily smooth out the freq. response with the low and high controls ¿ Why don¿t ALL TS type pedals have this instead of just the ¿tone¿ control? If you are looking for the SRV tone, this is the best off the shelf pedal available for under about $250¿ really. And, it¿s not a one trick wonder, either. Max out the low, high, and gain controls and you¿ve got VanHalen I (with a good tube amp, of course). Keep the gain below half way and it¿s the nicest smooth boost a tube amp ever had. Personally, I use it exclusively for the SRV tone. I have the gain nearly maxed out, low just a hair past midway, and high at about 2:00. The level ends up at only about a quarter of the way up, which makes the level about the same as with the pedal bypassed. Speaking of bypass, to my ears, this thing sucks NO TONE AT ALL when off. Also, when it¿s on, it¿s one of the quietest pedals of its type I¿ve ever ran across. I¿ve tried the mixer out to a PA and I gotta tell ya, it¿s not bad. Add in a bit of reverb and I think I could about make it through a night of playing direct if it was absolutely necessary. Here is my rig in signal flow order: ¿64 R.I. Strat with Seymour Duncan Hot rails with coil tap in bridge position, Texas Special in middle position, Seymour Duncan Hot PAF in between middle and neck, and a Texas Special in neck position. (Yep, my main axe is a 4-pickup ¿Frankenstrat¿!) Or, a ¿92 SRV Strat. Or a Parker Nite Fly. Or a ¿60 Les Paul. Or a ¿83 Flying V. Or a ¿78 Kramer (original one, with the aluminum neck). Or, a couple of funky old semi-hollow bodies (slide tunings in E, A, and G). Next is a Korg DT-10 tuner. Then a highly modified Cry-Baby. Then the Bad Monkey. Then A modified TS-7 tube screamer. (I use it in ¿hot¿ mode with the drive maxed out for more of a Mesa Boogie hi-gain sound, which the Bad Monkey can¿t do) Then an old DOD analogue delay. Then an A/B box to either¿ A ¿67 Super Reverb (w/ Alnico CTS speakers) Or a ¿67 Bassman head with a 4-10 Marshall cab loaded with vintage celestions.


I have owned a bunch of Digi-tech gear over the years. None have ever failed me. This box seems really well built, so I feel quite good about it!

General Comments

Fantastic Value! That says it all.

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