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Sound Quality

Sounds absolutely phantastic - the possiblities are endless the speaker ("box", as they call it" simulations are the best I have heard so far (I also own revalver and have several of the free amp sim plugins available on the internet; I've tested amplitube and guitar rig; only guitar rig comes close in terms of speaker sim quality). The Presets give a point from which to start exploring; you CAN make this sound pretty awful, but for me that's just an indication of the amount of flexibility. This plugin excels in just-on-the edge distortion sounds; it'y very dynamics sensitive. I'm absolutely in love with this plugin. There IS a learning curve, but it's so rewarding



General Comments

Absolutely best value for money; really. If you sign up with iZotope and get their free "vinyl"plugin, you might even get it for cheaper, because they frequently have promotions for people who have on of their plugins. It sounds better and is more versatile than revalver; blows amplitube out of the water and gives guitar rig a run for the money - guitar rigs speaker sims are great, but the distortions are not up on par with Trash. The sound is great; the UI is great; sometimes though you find the sound you're looking for with distortion modules that you wouldn't expect - so I guess it's not completely intuitive, and you have to spend some time getting to know it. I already wrote it needs quite some CPU, especially when real-time monitoring; it can use 15-20% or more on my setup if you run it flat out; there are some options to reduce CPU usage during recording; during mixing, with higher latency settings and larger sample numbers, you can go back to full quality. Sometimes I also just record with a less CPU intensive plugin (Revalver or guitar suite) and then replace these afterwards with Trash for finetuneing.

Ultimately, I might have to get an AMD64 3000 processor, though :-). I really think with a new setup, it shouldn't be a problem any more!

Reviewer's Background

I've been making music for more than 20 years, mostly rock and a bit of jazz, and have owned my share of solid state and tube guitar amplifiers. I bought iZotope Trash about nine months ago after several weeks of testing the trial version - I have version 1.03 now. I use it in SONAR 2.2 for recording, but also for practicing through my Behringer 2030A's (5ms latency on my AMD 2000XP powered PC, 1 Gig of RAM; Audigy Platinum soundcard) or through my AKG 240 headphones. Trash consists of several modules: Multiband compression; pre-distortion filters, multiband distortion (two distortions can be chained to simulate pre/poweramp combinations) post-distortion filters, speaker sims with dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphone models, and a delay module with tape/tube/analog/cheap digital models at various stages of messed-upness and a pristine digital delay. The distortion algorithms simulate distortions based on different tube or amp types, stompboxes, as well as distortion from various solid state devices (silicone, germanium). CPU use is a bit on the heavy side, but i think if you own a fairly new computer, it should't be anything to worry about.

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