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Sound Quality

Works as a good volume pedal, terrible as a wah pedal though. It doesn't match the likes of a cry baby or a morley. I have been trying several configurations on my ZOOM 1010 to achieve a good wah sound but still I find it very limiting. I'll never recommend this if you're looking for a Kirk Hammett kind of wah sound. CRAPPY as it is.


Warning: In a few months or maybe a year the longest, this thing will break down. Your 'wah wah wah' would turn into 'wuh bzzz wa bzz wuh bzzz wa'. I even had to change the potentiometer inside it to fix the problem. The remedy is cheap though, because I brought a brand new 100K dual potentiometer for only PhP 27.00 (approx $ 0.80). Careful: do not do this if you're not experienced in soldering things like this.

General Comments

This would be nice for a beginner, but I would never recommend this for the serious guitarist. It just won't withstand the tortures it would take from an aggressive guitar player. However, if you just want a little taste of a wah sound for a low price, then this is for you.

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