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Sound Quality

I can use all my guitars on it. Just tweek the volume knob and you have a great range between clean Fender sound to crunchy sound. Strats sound like it should be (73 and 79 with texas specials) and SRV may look down at you play straight or with a TS9. SG and Flying V are screaming. teles are my favorite lately and you'll play everything fron country/jazz to Blues, rock like rolling stones... I tried it first in a shop and was a bit disappointed by the distortion as I found the low notes were a bit dirty. It's not right. Maybe you can't hear the real sound and you don't want to pump up in the shop as some pimply teenagers are shredding shit around. This is the amp you need for classic tube sounding Blues and rock, even country. It sounds a bit higher than the standard edition, more vintage distortion.


Always get a backup amp in gigs for you never know and if anybody wants to jam. Too early to say it broke.

General Comments

I've been playing for 18 years and I own a dozen of guitars, an old princeton reverb I don't use (to clean and low), a blues deluxe (great amp) that I use mainly on the clean channel with drive/TS9 or driven channel straight. That one is loud; we rehearse too loud and I'm at 3 or 4 at master. I just brought this Blues junior back home and we just recorded a 7 songs demo with it. No brain storm, just plug a guitar and play. I love that simplicity and no "star war" amp! The 4wd drive blues/rock amp for me

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