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Sound Quality

Nice powerful cleans and great distortions - just enough without 'insane' settings which cause feedback and thin tone at loud volumes.  This head will kick you in the guts and crunch galore.


They don't build them like this anymore.  Made in USA in St. Louis with quality parts and easy access to the boards for any repairs if needed.

General Comments

Oustanding amp with great distortions.  I have Marshalls, Randalls, Fenders, and other Crates and this head comes as close to a warm tube sound on the clean and distortion side.  It's a shame they stop making these - I mean all the amp makers tend to do this (Marshall VS and AVT).  Why can't they stick to a simple, but reliable design? I love this amp and remember, an amp head is only as good as the speaker cab you're running through.  I don't have a 4 x12 cab, but a 1 x12 Jet City Eminence - 16 ohm and the head sounds so good!!!!!!  Nice thick midrange and decent crunch.  Plenty loud and with the overdrive Contour, you can get just about any tone.

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