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Sound Quality

Sounds are killer on this ax. The bridge Humbucker will give you bite and thick tones with plenty of harmonics. The rails give you a nice output (not as hot as the bridge), but with a good full warmth. PUPs are well balanced in output and quiet. Don't expect Strat tones with 5-way switch (rails are not single coils!).


Very well built and awesome looking! Plays like a dream. Very fast neck for shredders with no fretting out or buzzing. I love cool looking graphics on guitars and this one is a welcome addition to my collection.

General Comments

This guitar could very easily be a main rock ax because of all the tonal options (except country like Tele/Strat tones). Even the clean tones on the rails give a nice jazz-like sound if needed. I tested this guitar through a Marshall, Rocktron, Laney, and B-52 amps with distortion and it rocks with great overtones and tones. The PUPs are excellent and I hear no need for swapping them out. If you can nab one of these guitars in mint/new condition for about $300 - that's a great deal and I think that's what they're worth. Mostly, they've been seeling for around $400 - $500 which I think is overpriced. Don't let the "made in China" discourage you. All the overseas plants now have CNC machines which cut parts very accurately.

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