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Main Street Wavy Flag Strat copy

Sound Quality

Sounds very punchy with standard strat tones. The neck PUP has a great warm tone. In between tones sound great. Middle PUP sounds very clear and bold. Neck PUP has a thin yet tele-like tone - I had to adjust the height to just under the strings. Good overall balance with all 3 PUPs and they are quiet! Overall, the sounds are tiny bit thin which better replacment PUPs would improve.


Very well built guitar. Strap buttons decent. I would play out with this guitar. Very cool looking if you're into graphics. This guitar is one a few I've ever played with non-locking trem that stays in tune!

General Comments

Real nice guitar for the money, but be prepared to tweak it some. Quality control not great. The wiring was correct and the pots all quiet and smooth. Plays very well and has punchy present tones due to the PUPs being mounted in the top. No pickguard here to alter the tone. The graphic is cool - which is why I'm glad there's no pickguard to cover it up. AND, it stays in tune with whammy bends - very unusual for a non-locking trem - quite a surprise!!! (I think it 's the low angle of the headstock).

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