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Sound Quality

The guitar with the pickups sounds great and plays great. The FX-effects will give you tons of tones - distortions, chorus, flanger, delays, etc. I originally got this guitar as a novelty and quickly realized that all the effects sound great and can be certainly be put to use.


Very well built. Lyon is Washburn's Target brand, but the same quality goes into these guitars as any Washburn.

General Comments

These guitars are rare and I guess Washburn decided to stopped making them because of the expense. I added a master tone control which was very easy as there was plenty of space. A tone control helps alot as some the effects can be a bit edgy. The neck is a bolt on with 25 1/2 inch scale, so you're not stuck with the guitar if the frets whereout. The Alesis effects are all pin connected and routed through out the body. You can scroll via the top readout, or by a rocker switch located near the pickup selector. Very sturdy and built to last, I expect the electronics to last a long time. And , of course, the guitar plays well and sounds good, which makes all the effects worthwhile. Handy for jamming or gigs where you don't need to lug around pedals.

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