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Sound Quality

For an inexpensive guitar - great sounding and "quiet" PUPs. 5-way switching gets you all kinds of tones. In between S sounds are there along with thick humbucker. I played it thru a Marshall and a Crate -has a "glassy" tone (kinda bright, but not brittle) due the mirror pickguard which is a positive! PUPs don't have adjustable poles, but don't need them.


This guitar would withstand live playing - it is solid with good hardware. It's really a work guitar or "go to" guitar with all the tones. At $139 these guitars don't need to be pampered. I would use this guitar without a backup.

General Comments

I got this guitar for $99 ($113 with shipping) as a B-stock. It was listed as a one inch dent on back which was really a small series of minor indents (maybe a belt buckle), but hardly noticeable. Great deal! Although, I had to do some adjustments. It's a keeper in my collection and a unique looking guitar with that mirror pickguard.

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