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Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

My setup is two processors, VooDu Valve running into TC Electronic G-Major(G-Major needs a preamp). I have also used the G-Major with my GNX3000(WOW). Using the MIDI mapping functionality between the VooDu Valve and G-Major is great. If I want to use an effect from the G-Major and turn off the same effect from the VooDu Valve i.e. Delay or Reveb it is easy to do. Using the G-Major for effects has made the VooDu Valve sound even better. Sometimes I use a combination of sounds from the two, having one processor with a higher level or even the same levels of an effect is amzing to hear. Granted you can have over kill but I found that can happen even if you use just the VooDu Valve effects or G-Major. I use a Brian Moore i8.13 with MIDI/Piezo pickup. This guitar is a 3 voice so I can run my magnetic picups using VooDu/G-Major, then Piezo I run through a Yamaha Magic Stomp Accoustic processor, then last sound through a Roland VG8. This is great for clean sounds when you want to layer synth with the Roland VG8. I use a Marshall MG250DFX for live sound. I like the amp a lot, but I feel it is my weakest link in my sound. I mostly plug directly into a mixer for practice and recording. One day I would like to purchase a very good tube amp.


I have not had any problems.

General Comments

Mostly rock progressions, some very heavy sounds others are clean with slight distortion, I like the VooDu for this a lot. I have been playing for 20years. If it was stolen I would like to replace it but then I would like to with most of my gear, sentimental value I guess. My bigest reason for purchase of the VooDu Valve was one sound but I have been using combo floor processors for a long time, and wanted to try something different, but still trying to blend the sounds with other processors of higher grade like the G-Major. The VooDu Valve and G-Major setup does help me make new music, and has helped with my playing but there is no effect or processor that will replace ability to play, im always striving to lean some new technique, progression etc, but having the VooDu Valve and G-Major together has made learning even more a joy.

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