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IK Multimedia Miroslav Philharmonik Orchestra Workstation

Sound Quality

As a classical composer, you might not want to alter MP's sound. Miroslav even got his musicians to perform it from their real location in the Dvorak Symphony Hall (Praha) so that you won't even have to pan or readjust its volume... but if you feel iconoclastic, well, you've got all what it takes to destrox this otherwise excellent sound. Max polyphony is 256 and bit depth is 20bit, IIRC.



General Comments

350 for 7GB of sounds, including a complete orchestra, a grand piano, a church organ and a choir... Well, if you find this abusive, then show me the planet you come from... Don't listen to the original demoes, they were not made by real classic composers. Find some enthousiasts on "Northern Sounds" and you'll see: Perfect for Romantic, Modern, Movie soundtrack...

I'd buy it again.

Reviewer's Background

I've spent the last 20 years making music, I began playing the bass, then guitar and I ended using a compter and sequencers to play difficult parts instead of me. This is version 1.00 of Miroslav Philharmonik and I got it at a bargain introductory price. It comes for both the Mac and Win platforms and support any host app (Cubase, ProTools, Live, Logic Pro...). I personally use a PowerMac 2xG5 with 4GB of RAM and a Yamaha 01x mixing desk / sound card. I monitor my stuff through a stereo ensemble which consists of an Albarry PP1 amp and a pair of Castle Trent speakers.

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