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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

When you stand close to the unit (within 3 feet) on high gain settings, the noise can become very apparent. When you move away from it it becomes much less noticeable, especially for live (gigging) situations. For recording with mics-not direct- use a noise reduction unit and/or gate. I go through a Hush IICX 2 all the time and even on Super high gain settings the noise is non-existent. Although the unit does not come with effects itself, it does offer selectable input/output levels to accomodate as many different effects as possible. The stereo effects loop is programable (in/out as well as the mix of wet/dry level) by patch, which is a great feature to have.


I've had this unit for 3 years and have not had a problem yet. I own several amp heads, as well as other pre amps, which were my main pre amps before I bought the JMP1, and I always bring a backup....you never know, but I haven't had to rely on them. Ever.

General Comments

I would definitely buy this unit again, without hesitaion. It's strong point is it's overdrive/distortion settings, although the clan sounds are fine also (no threat to a clean Fender amp, but they serve the purpose, and sound best with single coil pickups such as Dimarzio HS2's). I hate the fact that I spend hours and hours playing instead of eating, sleeping, etc... but the tone is the thing! I've used many other pre amps before this unit, including a Rocktron Pro GAP, a Boss GL-100, and an ADA MP1, although they offered more diverse sounds overall, the tone was lacking in comparison to the JMP1.

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