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Sound Quality

The reason I prefer a Crybaby to this for guitar is exactly why I use it for keyboards (my Rhodes elec. piano). I almost traded it immediately after realizing it was "too chorusy" for my guitar. I couldn't get that "classic sound" I was looking for. That was almost 10 years ago, though. And since then it's been a staple for creating my own, unique sound on keys. I can get an effect that is very much like a synth filter sweep. When the battery starts to go, the pedal also starts to emit a nice grittiness that sounds really good to my ear as well. (Too bad it doesn't last forever like that!) I also think the frequency response is better and more flat (if you can say that about a wah pedal!) on this than Crybabys and other wahs I've tried (the Vox, although I liked the warmth of that).


I've never had a problem with it. As others have said, it's built like a tank. I've heard people complain about DOD quality at times, but I've had no trouble. Of course, I also have no other DOD pedals, and there's a reason for that....

General Comments

I guess musicians aren't supposed to reveal their secrets anymore than magicians, but I think this is a great site and the more info we exchange the better. I hate people who say "this is better than that" as if it were gospel. All I can say is my opinion: that this is the most UNIQUE wah pedal I've heard, and it is has become a staple in helping me get a really cool, unique sound as a keyboard player that inspires both me and my audience. If you want to sound like Hendrix, get a Crybaby no question. But if you're trying to AVOID sounding like you're trying to sound like Hendrix . . . check this one out.

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