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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

for such a cheap amp, it really is great. I use a '78 tele and a gibson les paul and both work well with it. The stock speaker isnt the best quality and is a little bit muddy with the les paul but besides that, im more than happy with it. My favourite amp models are the 4x10 tweed, AC30 (and 15) and the 80's, 90's marshalls, not to say that the others arent bad, they are all good contenders. Probably the only model i dont really like is the Nu metal, but thats a personal dislike. it still isnt that bad. I wont use effects pedals on this amp ,and I never have on any amp. It sounds good by itself. And the on board effects work well enough.


Very reliable, i havent gigged it yet because i ususally use my marshall for gigging, but i would not doubt it for a second.

General Comments

For the price they are, if it gets stolen, i would just buy another one or two or three, they are dirt cheap, reliable, feature packed and they sound great, maby im a lucky one regards reliabillity? but it does the job for me. i also purchased the foot switch and it is all i need.

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