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Sound Quality

I play a Fender Jazzmaster, Telecaster, Danelectro U2 and Carvin Electric 12 string into a Peavey Heritage. I have owned two of these boxes it is the best stomp box chorus sound for what I play and it all comes down to the delay knob letting you smear the sound a bit more than the Boss Chorus does. I have noticed D.O.D. units in my chain add a tone color change can't really identify it wish I could isolate it but I actually like it as it seems just a bit brighter and I try to brighten up my sound on the high end anyway.


This has been repeated in here but I will not take D.O.D. on the road anymore their switches are unreliable and so are there led's also I do not like the construction and placement of the power supply too close to the sound outputs which means you have to set up your board just so as opposed to bosses rear mounted power supplies. It is a studio only device for me otherwise I have to duct tape it inot reliability and safety.

General Comments

It has the sound I want but not the construction maybe some day DOD will get away from their naming game and actually just do some tweaking to their designs and fix their problems in design because half of their effects have some great sounds.

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