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roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Huge dissapointment, I mean HUGE! I already have Cube-60 (have had also Cube-30)and I was so stocked to get my hands on this one, the youtube demo was so sweet sounding. In my opionion Cube-60 beats this one 100-0, you can¿¿t even compare these two, not at least in gain settings. This amp sounds so weak in lead channel. I put exactly same settings for the two amp (lead channel, r-fier-mode) and 60 is so much better. To my style of music (mostly metal) the amp has to have "balls" and 60 has and 80 doesn¿¿t. In clean channel I must say 80 sounds better. The fact that you can no use delay and reverb at the same time is huge plus.


Built like a tank, never have had any problems with the 60 so I assume there shouldn¿¿t be any problems with the 80 either.


General Comments

I must take my hat of to my local dealer who was so kind to give me this amp for a test for weekend. By playing side by side this amp and the 60 I avoided making a big mistake by switching 60 to this amp.

Reviewer's Background

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