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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

My music style is 80's-90's oriented heavy metal (especially epic style) and this guitar suits ok for everything I would like to play. I play it through a fender frontman and zoom valve dsp and it sounds ok. The real surprise came, when I tried to record on a 200 Watt Randall. You should be there to hear it. This is not a guitar. It is a BEAST!!! I read that other reviewers don't like EMGs much. Well, if I change pickups, I will try some haussel active. But for now, the guitar sounds great.


I totally trust this beast for every kind of playing.

General Comments

Schecter makes high quality guitars for a very affordable price. I searched a lot before buying the C-7. My other guitars are a Jackson PS4 Performer and a Schecter C-1 Classic. I have been playing guitar for 9 years and I learned without a teacher. I prefer to play rythms in my band and sometimes I play some leads and solos. If it was stollen, I would definitely order another one.

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