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Sound Quality

Good output level....higher than a Strat or Tele PU. Has that raw LP Jr. sound. Played through an Epi Jr. tube head amp & a 1 x 12 slot-loaded cabinet w/1950's DNH "top hat" alnico speaker. As a mostly blues player, this pickup has a nice raw/edge to the sound that works out well IMO.


General Comments

About the cheapest P-90 available....$9.99.

I picked this up to experiment with in a DIY project guitar.

While not up to Gibson quality standards....it still has that classic P-90 sound.

If I had to do it again....I would probably spend more $$$ and go with a GFS P-90.

That said....all-in-all....for an VERY inexpensive P-90 ceramic pickup....it certainly more than gives you your money's worth.



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