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Sound Quality

I stated in my previous review it had a lot of noise. I found that it must be placed last in the pedal chain (closest to the amp input) in order to be more silent. Sure wish Boss would have bothered to mention this in their manual. Oddly, the unit does not default to "On" when plugged in. Wish they had a user selectable switch that would determine if it was either on or off when first plugged in. As it is now, my Boss Metal Core goes "on" and the Ge-7 is "off" and don't you know I wish it was the opposite.


Very reliable, especially if you use a power supply instead of batteries.

General Comments

For some reason no company wants to break away from the crowd and off more features in the individual pedals (like a state selection switch) or even an obvious On/Off switch. Oh well. Certainly not a great value new ($99) but you can find plenty on Craigs list or ebay for half that.

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