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Sound Quality

When i picked it up to try it out i thought,"Hmmm,another cheapass run of the mill classical",but upon sitting down and playing it,i immediately fell in love with its SUPERIOR tone,it was used,had dead strings on it,and still sounded BETTER than a Ramirez or a Cordoba!Deep, penetrating, tone rich sustain and true nylon attack(no dull spots on the fretboard)make this guitar my main classical.


This guitar is over 20 years old so i think it will last a few more years down the road.This is the best sounding classical i have ever played.

General Comments

My name is Rob Lindbeck and i've been playing for over 13 years,i mainly play Heavy Metal and classical and this guitar has the perfect tone for "Revelation Mother Earth"or"Dee".Im like Willy Nelson about this goddamned thing,ill probably play it til it gets a bigass hole in the top and looks like it was dragged under a tractor!If this guitar were ever taken,god forbid,it would be IRREPLACEABLE because its got that "one of a kind tone"i cannot find in other classicals old or new.

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