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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I use this with a reissue Fender Jaguar Samick Royale RL-3 - probably one of the most under-rated guitars on the planet - I LOVE it and I've owned Gibson, Epiphone (USA), and heritage semihollow - this beats them all. Whoops - thsi is about the Bad Monkey - with a name like that I HAD to try it especially after hearing Digitech's sound clips. I have NOT been disappointed. It fattens up my Jaguar and adds a beautiful and musical overdrive to my Royale. I have tried settings all over the knobs & cannot find a bad sound. I have been playing over 40 years & have had a LOT of different equipment - I have VERY fussy ears too and the Monkey pleases them. It sounds very musical & does NOT impose itself on your guitar's natural tone,


It's basically a tank - no worries no problems!

General Comments

It's an overdrive and beefs up slightly anemic single coils, buffs out humbuckers and can be used (& I have used it) for blues, classic rock, jazz, surf, anything I play. It's dynamic as anything I've ever tried but it is NOT overbearing like a lot of the TS-9 clones seem to be. If you can't get a good sound out of this box, it's not the Bad Monkey!


I'd replace it if it were stolen in the proverbial New York minute. I've had BOSS, Reverend, Visual Sound, and VOX overdrives and they all sound pretty good BUT the Bad Monkey is the real overdrive king IMHO. This box may be the best kept secret in the overdrive box realm. Better buy one before they become collectible!

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