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roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I play jazz, and I chose to get this amp after using the Cube 60 (which has been discontinued!). So I got this, the Cube 80. In the shop it sounded decent (it's a pretty noisy place), but after taking one home and plugging in my ES 335 copy, I was disappointed. The JC Clean channel has this horrid "rumble" sort of a noise when chords are being played (I do a lot of chord melody). Not a nice sound at all. This was less noticeable on the "Blackface" setting, but it was still there. I do admit I am very fussy with my sound, but I could not tolerate this in an amp that cost this much. It COULD sound good, but for some reason (perhaps ****** speaker) it sounds crap.


It's well made. I can't imagine anything going wrong.


General Comments

This amp is capable of being incredible. The Roland Cube 60 is a great amp. The Cube 80 is not. It sounds muddy and boomy, and the JC setting sounds nothing remotely like a Jazz Chorus. Perhaps ripping out the speaker and putting a better one in would help, but I was not going to do that when the amp already cost a fair bit of money.

Reviewer's Background

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