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Sound Quality

it makes noise. I initially used it/ bought it to tweak a decent clean tone out of my Randall amp for my Strat on the clean channel. That actually works as Randalls have a bass-midrange lock on tone that you cannot escape especially with the rg100sc versions ( you can get massive bass rumbling crunching distortions from hell/heaven). Dimebag gave me the idea to try this and it really opened up the amp for clean tones . I noticed at least 50% of everone has problems with this thang.. I have a long effects chain through a Furman power conditioned board and run guitar into board and into amp ( not through the effects loop). I then use an effects loop with JUST the Boss EQ and it works good as most of my use of this is live, the noise the pedal makes is not that much an issue.


i t i s a b o s s

General Comments

I play basically anything... in the past 5 years I have played in a southern rock band, a progressive Christian band ( who I really used this pedal with exclusively with), an 80's metal band and our originals/blues duo. It's just too noisy to use in quiet situations and only good for one or two switching options in live music which it is best at such as over-all EQ help or solo timbre. For Randall amp sufferrers, Dimebag used an MXR to do it for him and it works! If you use a SS Randall- try it.....and celebrate with a "blacktooth grin"

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