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Sound Quality

The sound is what one would expect from a top notch builder. Just what I was looking for in a light and resonant cab.


With a cab make out of antique pine and dovetail joints, it`s second to none in the build category.


General Comments

I`ve owned too much gear to list, but I thought this amp deserved some special treatment, and that it got. The dovetail joints and perfection in construction are second to none. I`d suggest a good quality cover or road case cause I`d hate to see something of this caliber get so much as dust on it, no BS. Truely a piece of art and sounds as good as it looks. This man loves what he does, and it shows. If you`re looking for something that nobody else in your neck of the woods has, and will improve your tone, Bob`s the man.

Reviewer's Background

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