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Sound Quality

This is my first true steel string acoustic, so I am no expert in acoustic tone. That being said, I think the tone on this guitar is very nice. Hard to describe acoustic tone, but I would say well-balanced and full. Could be a shade brighter for fingerpicking, but different strings might accomplish that. It also might help if I learned to play with my fingernails better. Sounds very nice strummed. I bought the guitar via an internet escrow service, which provided for a short "inspection" period. During that period, I went to a few local guitar retailers to make sure there were no other guitars in this price range that sounded as good or better than the 714. there weren't. The only guitar which made me hesitate for a moment about this purchase was a Taylor 614c, and that one was nearly $1000 more than I paid for this guitar. I have not really had chance to audition the guitar through a good acoustic amp because I don't own one, and thus I can't really comment on that aspect of its tone. It sounds decent through a solid state electric guitar amp set on clean, but the feedback can be nasty if I move around too much.


Very difficult to evaluate in a well-built acoustic guitar. Absent major abuse or mishandling, I would expect the guitar to last a lifetime.

General Comments

I have been playing guitar for about 12 years, but have been seriously pursuing acoustic guitar for less than two. This is my only steel string acoustic. I also own a cheap nylon string and a few electirc guitars and amps.

I like nearly everything about this guitar. In a perfect world, it might have a cutaway and be slightly easier to play, assuming that this didn't adversely affect the sound quality, but I really can't complain. I gather the previous owner didn't play it all that much as it still sometimes seems somewhat "stiff" (not broken in) and even still has that "new guitar" smell! I expect it to continue to improve with age. If it were stolen, I would certainly consider another similar one, assuming I could find one (Taylor doesn't make this particular version anymore).

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