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Sound Quality

Its OK, I don't understand what all the gushing is about. Its voiced well and sounds nice when clean, but cranked I really didn't like the overdrive that well. Not nearly as tight or nice as any other old class A amp I've ever played. I own a 59 Silvertone 1 12" and a 60 Gretsch 1 15", Marshalls, modded Rocktrons and recorded with old Fenders, Champs and Princtons, Voxes etc., and all had a better cranked overdrive tone. The amp seams to loud to be all that usable in the sudio except for the slightly lushes clean tone, and to underpowered to make the clean tone usable for a jamming situation. I would say a cool amp, maybe modding can tighten it up, the price is right but all these 10s are bogus. I did like the low volume clean tone, so when I took it back I traded in for an original run Hot Rod Deluxe, beautiful clean tone at all volumes and with pedals can fit any situation. That amps an 8.


The EL-84 tested bad in my tester, when replace with a decent 84 it was OK, but it didn't change the tone much. The input and output jacks seem a bit loose.

General Comments

I played for a long time, went from Humbuckers to Teles and most points in between. I have alot of gear and have played through most at one time or another. I read alot of these reviews and find many people trying to mod one amp into another, do yourself a favor and save a little more jing to get the amp you want. You want the Fender Marshall, Vox or Valco sound, buy them, they,re out there and they are still the gold standard for TONE. BTW I own 2 Epiphone Jeff Baxter model acoustic guitars and would buy 5 more if I could. So props to Epiphone they are a great company.

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