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Sound Quality

VERY great sounds out of this thing. Some of the factory settings suck (12 string guitar sim.) Noise gate is AWESOME. This thing isn't even that noisey but it makes my single coils sound silent at any level. I wish my zoom 505 had it. Distortion is very useable but A little lacking.. I like some very very thrashy tones sometimes.. I guess I could add my metal pedal to one of the Effect Loops... everything is great.. I like the Tremelo too. It has an actual 12AX7 tube in conjunction with the Solid State distortion so you can get any tone you want. For a "pre amp" this thing will do ANYTHING.. its more like a preamp with a truckload of effects in one 2 rack space box. Everything is adjustable and useable.


I would use it without a backup. I only wish this thing had a power swith! I have no idea why they didn't do that. I think its weird how the manufacture wants you to unplug it to turn it off.... The preset storage battery will last up to 5 years (lithium) so that is good.

General Comments

I could use this thing for ANYTHING. I think Edge from U2 has one in his rack. very good craftsmanship and useabilty. I am going to add a power switch too it.. I cant wait for the upgrade! I can't belive that this thing could get any better. Very good Idea about the upgrade chips you can buy. I hate companys that come out with one thing saying "Awesome, must get, have to have it!" then the next month coming out with something even better.

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