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Sound Quality

It fits well with what I do (industrial/goth/thrash), this unit can generate the most disgusting and rough-edged racket you've ever heard. The noise gate works pretty well, I have a reverb after the TEC8G in the effects chain so I don't get that "tape-edit with a razor" cutoff when I stop playing. Both my Epi Black Beauty and Roland Ready Strat sound fine, and I'm running directly into a rack mixer and thence into my DAW so I wouldn't know what this sounded like in a real amp. Good distortions, and the clean settings work OK for those jazzy chords when I'm bored with the same old thing...


Well, I've had it a week and while the pedal feels about as cheesy as a block of Swiss, it hasn't threatened to suicide on me. Of course, it's in my home studio and likely won't see the light of day again...

General Comments

It does what I want it to - create some mind-numbingly nasty noises with a minimum of fuss, and then drop into a light reverb with a soft flange for those dark, jazzy passages. It's a better match for my music than the ancient GSP-21 it's replacing. I'd likely buy another if it were stolen, you can't beat the price compared to other units and the entire RP series is a bit too clean for me. I like the fact that it's way easy to program, I have enough trouble fighting my MIDI setup and I don't need flack from my guitar effects to add to it! I wish it were metal, this pseudo-Kevlar case makes me nervous.

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