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Gibson Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Nice clean, clear sound straight through my Mesa combo amp. Dirtied up well too, punchy and tight with a lot of low end punch. Not a whole lot of variety involved with the one pickup setup but the volume and tone controls are pretty responsive so you can get some different levels of drive and punch but not much overall difference in "tone" per se. Again, it is not advertised to be anything more than a simple rock guitar, so no points lost for that.


Seems very solid and very simple so I anticipate no problems. Nice quality tuners and toggleswitch. Pots feel good and not too loose.


General Comments

For the money, you can't beat it for what it is. The burstbucker 3 and the hard case are worth almost $300 alone. Excellent product and the ebony board is excellent. Well worth the price!! Has a great stage look and is relatively light and easy to play. In a world where Gibson's prices are usually akin to getting your foot run over by a UPS truck, this guitar was a pleasant and inexpensive suprise. Well done, but don't tell Gibson as they would likely add $400 more to the price........

Reviewer's Background

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