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Sound Quality

I am using it with a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Marshall JCM900 4102 combo. I use it between my guitar and the amp but sounds good through the effects loop too. It is noisy if you raise the settings too much but what do you expect? Use this to accent parts of your overall sound and it works fine. This is the best Eq pedal on the market bar none


100% reliable, built like a tank, metal case, sliders are great and smooth with some material on the sides of the actual slider gaps to keep dust out.... quality pedal

General Comments

I play maily pop rock and rock, been playing for 14 years, play a Gibson Les paul, Washburn N1 and Marshall JCM900. If it were stolen Id definately buy another GE7. I compared it to the Danelectro and Rocktek among others... no competition. You will certainly not be disappointed with this pedal. One thing with Boss pedals is that they are pricey, I bought mine in fair to bad condition off ebay for $100 but it works like a charm. Took a point off for cost

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