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Sound Quality

I play an epi SG w/carvin pickups through this thing and it's got an amazing sound. there's no sound that you can't get with it if you spend a little time tweaking it. I'm constantly getting praise and comments on how good my guitar tones are when I play. I usually run direct into the sound system when I use this, although I also use it with my amp's fx loop for the mod/delay fx when I want to use my amp distortion. the models are really great and really can make any guitar sound good.


I've been using this w/o a backup for 3 years...playing no less than twice a week...sometimes up to 5 times a week with it. I've had to replace the AC adaptor twice, but that's no biggie. the unit itself is extremely tough, and the only thing I would change is the footswitches are made of plastic...I prefer the mettal button-type ones commonly found on amp footswitches, but these work well.

General Comments

This unit is amazing...I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now, and I've never played through a better processor. it's wonderful for studio recording and just as great for live apps. I love it.

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