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Sound Quality

I am using an old G&L telecaster single coil. It overall sounds great! It works fine with my entire setup. From my guitar it goes; volume=wah=univibe=stereo phaser=Ts-9ri=(works just as good as the so called original,I don't know what everyone is talking about!)delay/sampler=octave. And the best part is: there is no noise! At least I don't get any, and that is a lot of pedals to run through one amp. I play anthing from jazz, funk to folk to rock and roll and it serves the purpose pretty well to me. The clean channell is great and so is the overdrives. The clean begins breaking up around 6 or7 though but it sounds good because it is a tube. As far as the overdrives it does what it says. What else can I say it' a TUBE!!!!


I have had it for a while and it hasn't let me down. This is also my first peavey so I'm not an expert in this field. Although the tubes hanging so close to the edge scares me a little though. But hey, nothing wrong yet.

General Comments

Like I said before I have been playing for about 7 years and I do know a little about sound and I would definitely recommend this amp to anyone whether for gigging or practice. I would definitely buy another one if it were stolen. Overall I love the tone. It is the softest and warmest tone out there. It blows Marshall(who is too expensive anyway)and Fender out of the water anyday.(except the Stage 160, that is the only one). Actually I do wish it had a foot controller instead of having to purchase one seperately but that's just the way it goes.

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