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Sound Quality

This pedal is a 3-time loser in my book: 1.) The second you plug this into your chain, it sucks tone. A/B it a few times before even turning it on and you'll see. I lose alot of treble with this pedal even being in my lineup. 2.) Turning it on, it's pretty loud, and gives out a constant hiss with the level up. 3.) The EQ options here I guess are ok, but on alot of settings it gives me this weird "glitchy" sound with my pick attack. Kind of like a compressor would, but worse. Overall, this pedal does nothing for me. I've had it for a month now, and keep trying to like it in different applications, but it just keeps working its way out of my setup. I was hoping to use it to scoop my mids (the only real use for this pedal I think) to get a more singing/professional sounding tone for solos. Slash, Warren Haynes, etc. While this unit gets you in the ballpark, it's just too much of a cheap sounding effect that messes with the rest of your tone too much to keep in a rig. HOWEVER, there's not a whole lot of choice out there for Graphic EQ's, so I'm gonna send this out for a mod and see if that does the trick. FYI, this review is based on: Strat->Boss GE-7->Ibanez TS-9->Fender Blues Deluxe


Looks pretty reliable. I bought mine used and some of the white plastic EQ level covers had fallen off, so those are probably the only unreliable part.

General Comments

Like I said: what are your options here really? Unless you want to use rackmount gear, there's just not alot of Graphic EQ options available. I see some potential in this unit, enough that I'm gonna send it out for a mod and see how that goes. If it works out well I'll review the mod I choose.


If you're determined to use this, it would best be applied before a distortion pedal, or in an effects loop.

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