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Sound Quality

You have to play with the volume/trim/gain knobs to tune out the hum in some presets, but I rarely use those anyway. The clean sounds are superb...all the Tweed, Blackface and Dyna-Touch sounds are very good. I'm using this amp with a Risa double lipstick tenor ukulele and this combo is a real crowd pleaser. This amp and that uke make a great one man show. Overall a very nice sounding amp. Test play before you buy if you have any doubts. Blows the Line-6 and VOX out of the water, IMHO. No contest.


No problems so far. I have never had a bad Fender amp. I'm careful how I transport and use my amps.


General Comments

This was a '05 blem and at $385 I'd say a steal. The blem took me a week to finally find and it was a next to nothing "dent". If I lost this one I'd consider buying another. A tube like it's big brother would be nice but the more I use it as-is the less I care about the tube. Been playing since the 60's. I have a Fender Acoustasonic Jr I use with other ukes, miked and undersaddle. I rarely play guitar anymore as I enjoy being a one man ukulele show. A strat really sounds great through this amp, however. I too wish the volume didn't have to be turned up or down when switching to different pre-sets. I always turn down my instrument before I switch sounds. That's the only thing I have a issue with and I wonder why the Fender design team left this irritating flaw in the design. You get used to it.

Reviewer's Background

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