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Sound Quality

First time I have ever liked P-90's.  I don't know if these are true P90's, but they have almost no hum on single coil, they are nice and snarly, and lots of power. One gripe, rolling off the treble causes the volume to drop quite a bit. you have to compensate a lot. I would say a wiring mistake on the pots. Treble rolls off, but so does the dB.

Other than that, the sound is great. I have only run it through a Fender Blues Deluxe and a Fender Mustang II, it sounds great on both. For what I paid, this is a great sounding unit.


Have no idea.  I don't gig, so no problem. Others have said they hold up pretty good.

General Comments

For what I paid, and what they get for them new, a unit with the Bigsby is a winner. Unfortunately, I never see the Sidejacks with Bigsby for sale, and I have no experience with Burns Tremelo, although people seem to like those. I ran into this one by accident, and offered what I thought was a lowball price. He took it.   It also seems that the Fender style trems are not doing so well, as per a lot of comments on blogs and such.

This is the only one I have seen with a Bigsby, and by golly, it's a really nice unit that sets up well and plays loud and proud.

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