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Sound Quality

The sound is not really Strat for me.  More like a combo between an Strat and a Tele. Pretty versatile, and yet clear. Not super bright or strong. Not a shredder. Not noisy at all, very, very little hum anywhere.

I like the sound, but I think the Comanche is a little more to my liking.

This unit features the different wiring whereby the tone controls individually control the pickups, so you have one volume, two tone. The positions of the switch allow you to set the tone individually, which takes a little getting used to. When you learn how to use it, you realize it is more versatile than the standard Strat setup.

Still, the pickups could be a little more powerful.


It's a tank, no way around it. The whammy bar does have a tightening screw underneath, so with a little care there is no reason you would ever let it drop off. (It's not screwed in like a Strat, it's like an Ibanez)

The finish is easy to take care of, obvious sweat-proof, but as the previous owner found, when you drop it, this thick finish will crack, especially since the thing is pretty heavy.

You will NEVER, I repeat, NEVER wear through this finish. Chrome, I con't know. Looks pretty thick.

The strap buttons have a little too much angled contour so a strap can work it's way off. Straplock conversion might be in order if you intend to do a lot of moving around while wearing this unit.

Seems very dependable.

I don't gig, but no one would really only take one guitar to a gig, would they? (unless they only owned one)

General Comments

I wanted a G&L for quite a while. Wanted a Comanche, but when this came along at this nutty price, $225 for a guitar that wasn't even one year old, plus matching gigbag, I couldn't pass it up. I believe these are $499 new.

After the setup and  minor wood repair, I really, really like the finish, and the sound is OK. Not great, but good enough that I can do what I need to with pedals and amps.

If I lost it, I'd go after a Comanche.

I'm not fond of the thick finish, but I see the use in it.

Finding out that I am more of a gearhead than a player. Building my own now.

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