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Sound Quality


General Comments

What this is, and the price reflects, is a high-end beginner unit. Plain and simple is the key here. It has shortcomings that a first-time recording person will not mind, but I am positive that an experienced, or even mildly experienced recording artist will not be satisfied with this. It will NOT cut your demo. Your garage band will NOT be able to put together a good demo with this. It WILL get you ready to cut your demo, tighten up your band or individual player.

Teachers in schools of music and even high schools should revel in this unit, especially in small group settings for playback while practicing, and individual instruction for playback. And you can give the student a CD to take home and study their shortcomings and strengths when you're done. If I was TASCAM marketing I would be hitting that aspect really hard. I can see every music department, high school level and grade school level, using this for one reason or another.

But it is NEVER going to produce a demo that I would want to send to a producer. That would be musical suicide.

So if you apply it properly, it's wonderful. If you ask too much, you'll be dissapointed.

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