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epiphone G-400 Custom Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

There is really only one way to play this thing, in the middle position and vary the three volume knobs to taste. It can really blast it out when you want it. Good, strong classic sound, and also great Tele type sounds can be had. It's pretty versatile for stock pickups. No plans to change. I don't really care for the tinny or muddy nature of the other two settings. It's a three humbucker unit, play all three of them at once and you'll be happy. That's why I bought it, and it sounds great only when all three are on in some percentage. By the way, mine has so much sustain it gets in the way. But that's a good thing in most cases.


It should be fine. Hardware is simple, no tremelo, TAM and Stop systems are usually OK, save for the occasional broken string at the bridge. Making that Stop/TAM angle less acute can lessen string breakage, I think. No reason to have the Stop tightened down so far. Looks cool, breaks strings. Save for the possible flying neck, it should be fine. I don't think I would ever put big flatwounds on it, though. Neck might just fly up into your face some night.

General Comments

Been at it for almost two years. Own too much gear to list, but just got rid of 5 axes for one on an Ibanez I found.

It's an overgrown hobby for me. I like to work with the gear as much as play the gear. (Engineering type) Always on the lookout for the odd and different. Liked this because of the three buckers, and it is miles better than the Epi Black Beauty. I'd want another if I lost it. Will not be trading or selling this one.

Love the bucker setup and the three-at-once sound. Not too keen on the neck, but when it's right, its a great neck.

Also looked at a Epiphone Flying V, an older one, pretty rare now, but it just played horribly. The G-400 was just what I wanted.

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