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Sound Quality

Attack but little sustain is what you would find on any non-shell tom. More like a bongo sound on the smaller ones. Not truly like a floor or mounted shell tom, but still a surprisingly bright and tom-like sound. They have the wonderful ability to change tone when you spin the wheel on the threaded rod. This tightens or loosens up the head over an inner ring under the head, increasing or decreasing tension. That changes the tone. The drawback is three-fold. Too low and you lose the snap, too high and you'll split the head. Lastly, they will come out of tune by themselves, but you can put wing-nuts on them to lock them in place. Of course then it is harder to change the tone, but not too bad. So high marks for the design and ability to change, couple off for unwanted tuning changes during rolls.


The biggest problem is the C-channel rack. Constant complaints on the weakness, cheap small lock-down screws and handles, and the fact that it is straight. Hence, the toms are in a straight line. Doesn't seem like a problem until you realize you are looking at about 30 inches straight across, end to end. Slight curve would have been wonderful to help contour the toms to your kit. The stand has no boom, just a post with an angle lock , and the legs have a big footprint. Lots of complaints on where to put it. Most people I believe stick it behind the hi-hat, but a much better place would have been possibly above the mounted toms with a boom stand. Then they would act kind of like a second row of toms, rather than having to reach over the hi-hat. The three legged stand is pretty heavy duty, but the legs stick out a lot and the post does not go high enough in some cases. Your kit may vary. Location becomes a problem if your kit is anything past the 5 drum shell and two or three cymbals, or if you are in a tight space like the corner of a studio, bedroom, stage, whatever. Overall, pretty durable, definitely a gig item. Heads are tough. Since they do NOT maintain a consistent tone without at least the wing-nut modification, it's a bit of a problem. So the idea is outstanding, the reliability and durability is excellent, but execution is problematic.

General Comments

This is a really cool effects unit that a lot of people would use. These cover latin, reggae, some light rock and of course that odd classic rock tune. If I did wedding gigs, this would automatically be my next add. Being a hobbyist, I intend to record some of this and layer it up.

Playing guitar for a while now, decided to expand into drums. This is my second expansion, first was a china. I like the idea and the concept, also the tone. I do not like the rack and don't have a really good place yet, still moving it around the kit. May try to add a boom if the stand will take it.

I have a simple Yamaha Rydeen 5 shell kit with hi-hat, ride and an added china. No big deal. This three set tom kit adds dozens of dimensions for not much money. Once I figure out the layout, 6 tom up-rolls and down-rolls become a reality, leaving out the snare. And although my current larger mounted and floor toms are tuned, these give me more ability to put in almost an entire octave.


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