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Sound Quality

I have been playing guitar, mandolin and banjo for over 45 years now although guitar is my favourite. I started on a six strings and then turned to 12 strings about 15 years ago when I bought a 12 string Fender dreadnought acoustic. I play mostly flat pick which I do on 6 or 12. I also play a lot of accompanyment rhythm in a folk/country band with banjo & mandolin. I recently returned to 6 string when I bought a DW 7 ( coz it needed a home!) and remembered what clarity of tone meant to me. I was not really looking for another guitar but I when I saw the LA8 I was smitten - it's just so damn pretty! The joy has been in discovering the wonderful clarity of the instrument, it has a rich full sound favouring the mid and base ranges. I have never heard a guitar so full and clear in the mid range. I have a Martin and also play a Taylor both of which are excellent all round guitars but neither have the clarity and sustain of the Yamaha in the mid range strings. It is not a loud guitar but it does respond well to attack and has superb harmonics. There is a base response control on the pickup which I keep to an absolute minimum and the guitar already has a deep full base tone.


If this guitar lasts as well as the FG 180 which I still play today, I will have no complaints. The guitar is solid, well made, and feels and plays like a thoroughbred.

General Comments

I have been playing over 45 year now - doesn't time fly - and I still love it. I've played with country bands, folk bands, a 'shanty' group! and I still play for myself or any one anywhere.

I play almost everyday, and I just can't get enough of this guitar. It just feels right. It's made me go back to my roots and dig out staggerlee and candymen and start stretching those fingers all over again. If I lost it, I'd be devastated and have to find another hand crafted Yamaha. I still wish it had a factory fitted strap button, coz I really dont want to do it myself!

I love your site - it has been a great source of information and when I get round to it I will complete a couple more submissions for the Martin 12 string and the FG 180.

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