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Sound Quality

The sounds are 1st rate. There is not much you can't do as far as delays and time based effects are concerned. Reverse delay and overdubbing are about the only things I can think of that would add to the fun. The delays in this thing are as clear as you want them to be (without sounding cold and sterile) or can be made to mimic vintage sounds. This can pull of U2 stuff easily as well as many other artists delay sounds. The SDD-3000's are going for a ton of money and theis will get you those delays without noise and with the added benefits of MIDI. Add a preamp like the Triad (design based on the SDD-3000 preamp)in front if you really are obsessed but for my money I am happy runnin my ADA MP-2 in front of it. Between the ADA and Korg I can pretty much get the sound I want for most scenarios.


No problems with this at all

General Comments

Hendrix, Page, Farke Toure, Rage, Pumpkins, Zappa, Tupac, Ranglin, Marley, Sunny Ade, Shakti, etc


Those are some of musical influences and I tend to play whatever the mood brings.


The Korg works a treat for anything and everything that can benefit from delay while helping you create instead of cramping your style.


These are pretty rare and never show up on ebay so I will have a hard time replacing it if it went MIA. I would keep my eyes peeled and my fingers crossed and hope I could find another for under $600.


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