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Sound Quality

I changed out the stock tubes with NOS's and it went from sounding really good to great. I have tried it out with two speaked cabs and it sounded good with both. My favoite is my 2-12 with greenbacks. This amp can get really loud, don't let the 5 watt rating fool you. Cranked, this is not a bedroom amp. Through the 2-12 it is easily giggable. You get a decent clean up to about 4, depending on pick-ups and tubes, and then into breakup land. No hum all the way up! Comparable to a vintage Fender Champ or the Gibson GA-5


Built very well. I'm sure the chasis componients are not up to US made standards but it seems to run well and feels sturdy.

General Comments

For just plain fun it's hard to beat this amp. Sounds great, well built and has that vintage look. For $100 you can't go wrong.

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