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  1. A movie about Hendrix. Not all cheesey like the one that was on cable, and not like Oliver Stone's movie about The Doors.

    A big budget. Good directors, writers & actors, & not all focusing on partying / drug use. and not a Janey Hendrix marketing thing.

    Im not sure what his name is, but theres a rapper or R& B guy who looks damn near just like him. Just needs to get a bit skinnier.


    Andre 3000?



  2. that might work. i'm assuming its the thickness of a pickguard. I might have access to a wood shop so hopefully breaking won't be an issue.

    bump for the day crowd


    Does that wood shop have a planer? If so you can take a piece of mahogany and simply plane it down to the proper thickness.

  3. My favorite book is Margaret Attwood's Oryx and Crake. It's a post apocalyptic tale, basically it starts at the end and through a serious of flashbacks you get to how the world ended at the end of the book. Her stuff is very realistic, so it's very easy to imagine her vision coming true. It's a great read and the prose is outstanding, along the lines of Brave New World.


    The sequel (parallel storyline) "Year of the Flood" is excellent as well. It details the backstory of the people Jimmy meets on the beach at the end of Oryx and Crake.

  4. I totally {censored} when Rick blew those guys away, then they busted out the Clutch and I was about ready to nut. I love playing that song. Two guitars, acoustic tuned to open D and electric tuned to drop-d, but if you want to do a little transposing it you can pull off the whole song on the acoustic.


    The intro sounds like the soundtrack to "Hell on Wheels".



    In an awesome way.

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