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  1. One thought, though -

    It night not be a good idea to put the database username and password in a public page. I'd kinda prefer we didn't because if php ever hiccups the webserver will display the contents of a php file instead of executing it.

    I'd put the info in a separate file in another directory - call it config.inc.php or something like that and stick an .htaccess in there to deny access to anybody but the webserver user (apache). I can help you with the .htaccess file - I don't think you can set one in there that can be read only by the webserver without a little help from root ;)

    Something like this in a directory called "admin" would work -


    and set the variables there.

    Food for thought - I know you're still fooling around with this stuff and I don't speak php at all ;)

  2. Hey - if you want to try a mySQL project I have no problem with it :)

    I'd prefer you not store pics or mp3s in a database, but come up with a project and bounce it off me. I'm sure we can work something out.

    I didn't know you spoke php - I have a vBulletin hack that needs fixing. Maybe we can work on that too :)

  3. monark110 said...

    ...i, for some reason, couldn't get into my pointbeing mail this weekend, so i couldn't do much updating!

    I spent about an hour updating the webmail client - but the mail server never goes down unless something's broke.

    You can always hit the mail server with a real mail client like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Mail or whatever.

    Mail server name is mail.pointbeing.com and you already have a username and password :)
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