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  1. Enhanced audio CDs (SACD, DVD-A) are still being produced, albeit most releases are in the jazz and classical world (Porcupine Tree, the new 5.1 remixes of King Crimson, and the new Tom Petty boxed set being notable exceptions).

    I'm not familiar with the extra files on a CD per se, or how they would play on just a CD player. Since most folks now own a DVD player, providing two disks is probably the most economical method, but I'm sure someone else here will have more background.


    I recently built a home theater including a player that does CDs, DVDs, DVD-As, SACDs, and Bluray disks, and I can tell you I'm really hooked on 5.1 surround sound when it's mixed well! :thu: :thu: :thu:

  2. I've not seen the fuzzballs you've mentioned, I really wouldn't worry about them.

    If you're still getting blisters they probably aren't broken in yet. Two methods: soak them in water for 45 minutes, then put them on and wear them until they dry out, hopefully on another hike or something. This breaks them in the best, BUT you will definitely have some blistered feet (I tried it this way once, won't again).

    Second method: grab a rubber mallet and simply beat the living crap out of them for twenty minutes or so. This is therapeutic and almost as effective as soaking. Take them off your feet first.

    The new ABU uniforms the USAF has gone to are half-cloth uppers, really no break-in required and no more polishing! :love: Of course, I'm close to retirement now... :evil:

  3. Fascinating! I tried it with an old Beatles album I had that was filthy, and it seemed to clean it right up! :thu: :thu: :thu:


    Then I got to looking at the disk of dried glue, and could see that the record grooves (er, "groove") appeared just like the album, and so :idea: I placed it on my turntable to see if I could play it.


    And guess what! It kinda works, I'm listening to it right now. The music is playing backwards, of course, and the noise is still there since the dirt is now in the glue, but... wait... wha??...


    OMFG, Paul is DEAD!!!?!?!? :eek: :eek: :eek:

  4. I've been a fan of the "Classic Albums/the making of" series of DVDs, and I found two I didn't have yet last week: Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell. Watched Bat earlier this evening, quite a lot of fun.

    Mr. Loaf was interviewed extensively, of course, and unlike most washed-up rock stars he looks mahvelous; he's lost most of his weight, has a neat trim haircut, and looks like the sportscaster on your local TV station. While commenting on various portions of songs he'd run the faders on the master tape (as they do in this series) and had the bad habit of lowering the original lead voc track and singing live instead; great that he still has his pipes but I'd rather hear his thoughts some 30+ years later.

    I never saw them live, but Stereo Review mag always gave the latest gossip about them, and I fell in love, er, heat, with one of the female singers, Ellen Foley. The DVD showed a brief photo of her back then, and then interviewed her today, but unfortunately no concert footage of her (learned later in the story that she'd done all the vocals on the album, but Karla De Vito did all the live shows because of her theatrical presence).

    Todd Rundgren did the producing, actually paying for the entire recording himself as the labels were definitely NOT interested, in fact the completed album was without distribution for over a year! One thing Todd mentions that I completely disagree with: he thought the vocals in Two out of Three Ain't Bad sounded just like the Eagles; sorry, but the Eagles use absolutely NO vibrato in their backgrounds, and Bat is drenched in them. ;)

    Great fun; I love this series of DVDs. Others I've enjoyed include Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life, and Steely Dan's Aja. :thu:

  5. I've thought about 47 a lot the last few days.


    At 47, my band Puddlestone was still together, a great musical outlet and friend network. Old GF and I were still together, life was great. I was a nonsupervisory GS-13 with the Navy, easy job, traveled twice a month to either DC, Chicago, Phoenix, Monterey Bay, or Napa Valley on business. Healthy as could be.


    I turned 0.5-century last Friday. GF was gone, band was long-gone, feet and knees shot, eyesight shot, and I was cleaning out my desk after 14 months of the most stressful, 60-70-hr week, thankless job of my life.


    I expect things to get better in some ways, flying to Tucson Monday for a job interview, etc. I guess the thing that surprises me is I thought life would get more settled the older you get. For me, it hasn't settled yet... :idk:

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